Spa and Grooming

$24 and up

Thick, fluffy towels greet Wuf Spa patrons as they step out of their invigorating bath. Wuf’s award-winning stylists and technicians will pay special attention to each grooming and spa client. Each client’s favorite pampering techniques will be kept on file, so returning Wuf clients can expect consistent exemplary treatments.

Wuf’s spa menu of services offers many services unusual to canine grooming, but offering a special pampered feeling every time. Wuf’s clients can take advantage of various types of facials, massages, rubs, conditioning treatments, customized baths, nail and paw treatments. All products in Wuf’s spa are top quality and made from the best ingredients.

Bringing your dog in for a spa day or groom? Wuf offers a free full day of daycare with your groom/bath appointment!

Wuf Works Bath*

*Includes: shampoo, conditioner, blow dry, brush-out, anal gland expression, blueberry facial, fragrance, ear cleaning, nail trim

$24  (0 – 10 lbs)
$28   (11 – 15 lbs)
$30   (16 – 20 lbs)
$32   (21 – 30 lbs)
$35  (31 – 40 lbs)
$40   (41 – 50 lbs)
$50   (51 – 60 lbs)
$55   (61 – 70 lbs)
$65   (71 – 85 lbs)
$86 (86 – 100 lbs)
$100+ (100+ lbs. Groomer will provide quote)


Spa and Grooming


Furcut & Style

Grooming prices are based on breed, size and condition of coat. Basic full groom price generally starts at $48 for small breeds (Yorkie, Shih-Tzu, Toy Poodle, etc.) . Larger breeds (Labradoodle, Standard Poodle, etc.) will be quoted by the Groomer. Please call for a quote.

We have a number of additional services for your pet to keep them happy and healthy.


Flea/Medicated Bath – Add $15
Dematting / Furminating – contact for quote
Face / Feet / Tail Trim – $10
Nail Trim – $20
Paw Moisturizer – $3
Nose Moisturizer – $2
Dental Treatment – $5