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Basic Manners 101: The Polished Puppy and the Courteous Canine

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Join us on Sunday, February 23, 2014, for the first session of a four-week Basic Manners class! Taught by Melissa Anderson Knox, a Certified Professional Dog Trainer, the class is open for registration. To maximize learning and safety, the class is limited to six dogs (and their owners), so be sure to register now and guarantee your place. Call us at (972) 785-2983 or drop us an email to make your reservation.


This 4-week course will provide you and your pup a review of basic behaviors that create and establish a foundation of learning that, when maintained, can launch into the exciting world of canine sports and learning tricks.

This class will review the following behaviors: Sit, Stay, Down, Off, Leave it, Watch Me, Walking on Leash, Coming When Called. Only postive reinforcement/science-based training methods will be applied in this class.

Prerequisite for this group class:

1. Your dog must be current on all vaccinations.
2. No aggressive or fearful dogs.

Required Equipment:

1. Standard buckle collar with ID
2. Six foot leash (leather or nylon). Harnesses and head halters are permitted as long as your dog is already familiar with and accepts this type of equipment.
3. Treats! At least two different kinds that your dog loves. If your dog is not food motivated, then a favorite toy can work as well.
4. No flexi leashes, chain leashes, prong collars, or shock collars.

Meetings Dates: Sundays, 11:00 am to 12pm

February 23
March 2
March 9
March 16

Fee: $100.00 per dog.

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