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[toggle title=”What services does Wuf Pet Resort & Spa provide?”]

We are a full-service facility that offers a range of options for luxury overnight boarding, day care, baths, furcuts, and other grooming and spa services. For more information, visit our Services page.


[toggle title=”What is dog day care?”]

Day care for your dog is a great way to keep your dog exercised, entertained, and engaged while you’re away. Whether you work long hours or you’re boarding your dog at Wuf , we offer a day care program with interactive games that allows your dog to socialize in a safe, fun environment. We will match your dog with other dogs in a regular playgroup based on size, temperament, and personality.

All of our boarding packages include optional day care, which helps make your dog’s stay at Wuf more stimulating and fun.


[toggle title=”What are your hours of operation?”]

Wuf Pet Resort & Spa is open 7 days a week. We are open to the public:

Monday through Friday: 6:45am-7pm
Saturday: 9am – 5pm
Sunday: 11am – 7pm

Check out/Check in times:

Wuf does not adhere to a check in time. You are welcome to bring in your pet for drop off during our operating hours. Wuf’s check out time is 1 p.m. Any pets picked up after 1p.m. will incur a half room rate charge.

*** Please note that pets left after 7pm will be admitted for boarding at the owners expense.


[toggle title=”Can I pick my pet up after-hours?”]

Absolutely. You can pick up your pet anytime until 9 pm Sunday-Friday, and until 6 pm on Saturdays! Arrangements must be made ahead of time so we can have your pet ready for departure. Please note, after operating hours we do charge $35 for the extended hours service.


[toggle title=”What happens if I am late picking up my dog from daycare?”]

All pets left after our closing time will be admitted for boarding at the owners’ expense in appropriate and available accommodations.


[toggle title=”What will my dog do all day?”]

Check our facility-wide web cams to find out!

We schedule time for fun and relaxation throughout the day to keep your dog’s energy in balance. Guests of Wuf day care spend the day making friends, playing games, fetching toys, learning new tricks, chasing balls, and snacking on treats. Around mid-day everyone takes a break for a nap. At Wuf it is a dog’s world – the humans are the guests.

At night, guests adjourn to their selected luxury accommodations. If your dog is boarding, but cannot attend day care, he can expect several walks throughout the day at no additional charge.


[toggle title=”What are your boarding and day care requirements?”]

The safety and health of your pet is our first concern. Before boarding or enrolling in day care at Wuf Pet Resort & Spa, we invite every pet owner in for a tour and interview with Wuf staff. Our boarding and day care contract includes a personality profile so we can have some basic information about your dog’s temperament and match her with the right playmates.

All dogs in day care must demonstrate adequate social skills and the ability to play safely. On the first stay at Wuf, we will evaluate your dog’s interactions with other guests. If we find your dog isn’t day care friendly, s/he is welcome to stay in our individual day care area for the remainder of the day, except for his/her 3 personal walking sessions.

Prior to boarding and day care, you must provide proof of the following vaccinations from your vet:

Bordetella – within the past 6 months
Parvovirus & Distemper – within the past 12 months
Rabies – proof of valid vaccination with either the shot given annually or every 3 years
Leptospirosis – within the past 12 months

We require that your dog be on a regular flea and tick prevention program, such as Frontline or Advantage (not flea powder or collars).

We also require owners to fill out our Owner & Dog Application form:

Wuf Spa New Client App


[toggle title=”Do you administer medications?”]

Yes. We administer medications (pills, ointments, etc.) on a case-by-case basis for $1 per dose. Just provide the medication and instructions at drop off. However, we do not administer shots. Also, we do not admit dogs who are diabetic or recovering from surgery or illness. If your dog has had a recent medical issue, we’ll require a release from your vet before being allowed back into day care or boarding.


[toggle title=”What will you feed my dog while s/he is at Wuf?”]

Wüf recommends that you keep your dog on the same diet she/he eats everyday to prevent stomach upset and other unpleasant food adjustment issues while boarding. Just provide enough food and treats for your dog’s stay (a grumbling belly is a bad thing) with daily feeding instructions. Please let us know if your dog has any allergies or special dietary needs.

If you do not provide your own food, Wuf will feed your dog our house brand for a fee of $2 per feeding.[/toggle]

[toggle title=”Are you insured?”]

Yes. We are fully insured.


[toggle title=”Can I tour your facility?”]

Of course! Please call us to arrange an appointment to view our facilities. We want you to be comfortable with your dog’s stay at Wuf Pet Resort & Spa.


[toggle title=”How do I make a reservation?”]

Call us at 972-785-AWUF (2983) to schedule your day care, boarding, and/or grooming reservation or reserve a spot online here. If your dog hasn’t stayed at Wuf before, please review the contract with policies and procedures on the Pricing/Reservations page. Our staff can send you our Owner & Dog Application form via fax. Also, be sure to include a copy of your pet’s latest vaccinations.


[toggle title=”What is your cancellation policy?”]

For the convenience of our guests, please let us know if you need to cancel your boarding reservations. During busy holiday periods, we may require a small deposit in order to confirm a reservation. See our contract for full reservation and cancellation policies.


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