“We were in town for a funeral, they took our baby on a seconds notice and worked with our current vet to obtain vet records in order to take him. We literally did nothing but drop him off at a moments notice. They priced us lower than expected & did an EXCEPTIONAL grooming job for our Boston.

The customer service is out of this world.”

Amanda Ellison

“We’ve been taking my little prince to Wuf for three years now. Bowser loves it! He loves Selma who we jokingly call his Wife Spa girlfriend. They treat my baby like royalty. He always gets so excited when we pull up. I wouldn’t recommend going anywhere else. Wuf spa will love, care, and pamper your pets like no other.”

Melisa Robledo

“I can’t speak highly enough about the care, the presence, and the good attention my two dogs (and their crazy owner) receive from the terrific staff at Wuf. Repeatedly, staff members have gone out of their way to take care of my hounds–squeezing in a bath after they fell into something rank, calling with a concern; and when the once-in-four-years mishap hit (these are dogs, after all), staff members responded with calm, speed, and generosity. I go out of my way to take my dogs to Wuf. Even with the constant construction, there are multiple approaches to the place. Excellent.”

Erik Markinson